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Professional car wrapping , window tinting and paint protection film Essex.

Home of UK's most renowned private professional Car wrapping,
Window tinting, and Paint Protection Film center, nestled in the Essex countryside.

Tailored Style and Protection 
for your vehicle. 
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Tailored car wrapping, window tinting , paint protection film center

Our Services

All services are carried out by Licensed professionals under a fully comprehensive insurance cover, 
all materials used are covered under manufacturers warranty. Your piece of mind and satisfaction guaranteed.
Mercedes benz c63 inozetek midenight green by tailored wraps ltd

Car Wrapping

Let the world see your style and personality
Mclaren 720s full paint protection film installation

Paint  Protection Film

Invest in your passion and protect your assets
Porche macan full window tint and chrome delete installation

Window Tinting

Drive in comfort and protect your belongings

Tailored wraps highlights


London Concours

Tailored wraps team reveal the first Supercar to be covered in flexisheild's colour PPF film in the UK at the one and only London concours show...

We had the great pleasure in being trusted and collaborating with two amazing companies first Flexisheild uk ltd and the drivers union Supercar club to produce a show stopping Ferrari 360 in flexisheild's latest colour change dry fit Paint protection film "Racing Red"  the reveal of this Ferrari took place at none other than the world renowned london conscourse show.     


UK PPF premier

Tailored wraps team work our magic and collaborate with Inozetek to premier and showcase there latest colour Paint protection film.  

We had the great honor of taking on the installation of inozetek UK premier of there amazing new colour PPF film the choosen colour for the reveal was carried out on a stunning Porsche turbo S with the choosen colour being Mettallic Midnight Purple.  the quality and finish of this film's fit and finish was truly mind blowing with many people not willing to accept this could possibly be a film installation.


Our Testimonials.

John Wood
" Fantastic service's and high quality finish that was even better than i had expected . i would definitely recommend and use again"
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Tailored Wraps Ltd: Crafting Stories in South East England

In the heart of Essex, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of South East England, there's a place where vehicles undergo remarkable transformations, where cars become canvases for stories waiting to be told. This place is none other than Tailored Wraps Ltd.

Our journey began in 2018, with a vision to bring innovation and style to the world of automotive enhancement. It was a humble start, but our passion for cars and the art of customization propelled us forward. We saw the potential to create something unique, something that would not only turn heads but also create a lasting impression.

The story of Tailored Wraps Ltd is one of dedication and commitment. Each service we offer, from car wrapping to window tinting, paint protection film, and valeting, is a chapter in our narrative. These services are not just about improving the aesthetics of your vehicle; they are about making a statement, reflecting your personality, and preserving your investment.

Car Wrapping: Imagine your car as a blank canvas. Our experts at Tailored Wraps Ltd can transform it into a work of art. With a wide range of colors, textures, and finishes, we can tailor your car to your unique style, from sleek matte to glossy extravagance.

Window Tinting: Our window tinting service tells a story of comfort and protection. It's about reducing heat, enhancing privacy, and protecting your interior from harmful UV rays. We tint your windows, ensuring both style and function.

Paint Protection Film: Every car's story deserves a happy ending. Our paint protection film service ensures your vehicle's original paint stays pristine, even when the road gets rough. It's the armor your car needs to face the world.

Valeting: Inside every car is a story waiting to be revealed. Our valeting experts delve into the details, crafting a story of cleanliness and perfection. From a shining exterior to a spotless interior, our valeting service tells the tale of a pampered car.

At Tailored Wraps Ltd, we believe that the safety of your vehicle is paramount. That's why our premises in Essex are equipped with a state-of-the-art security system and alarm, ensuring that your prized possession is protected during its transformation.

We also understand the importance of peace of mind. Our fully insured services mean that you can embark on your car enhancement journey without worry. We're committed to safeguarding your investment.

Our story is one of passion and dedication. We're not just in the business of car enhancement; we're in the business of crafting stories, one vehicle at a time. Whether you're in Essex, South East England, or beyond, Tailored Wraps Ltd invites you to become a part of our narrative.

Join us and let your vehicle's story unfold. From the moment you choose Tailored Wraps Ltd, you're not just a customer; you're part of our automotive family. Your story is our inspiration, and together, we'll create tales that drive with style, protection, and distinction.

Visit us today, and let's craft a story that's uniquely yours, with Tailored Wraps Ltd as your trusted partner in automotive enhancement.

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Contact us


+44 (0)7957 693 647



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 Collection and Delivery Available , Covered Vehicle transport available across the UK

Our story

Founded in 2018, Tailored Wraps, nestled in the picturesque countryside of Great British Essex, has swiftly risen to prominence as one of the UK's fastest-growing and most sought-after car wrap, tint, and PPF studios.
Tailored wraps first wrap studio 2018


Tailored wraps limite new studio opened 2023


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