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The Full Story

Tailored Wraps Ltd, founded by Michelle and James Payne in 2018, emerged from a humble wrap hobby that quickly transformed into a thriving business. What initially began as a passion project, driven by the exceptional workmanship of James on his personal and friends' vehicles, soon evolved into a professional endeavor. Fueled by the burgeoning demand from a network of satisfied customers, Tailored Wraps embarked on a journey of growth and expansion.

As we transitioned from enthusiasts to experts, we diligently pursued industry courses and licenses, acquiring the expertise required to diversify our services. This led us to embrace the art of tinting and paint protection films, enriching our portfolio with high-quality solutions that complement our core commitment to excellence.

Our relentless pursuit of quality and dedication to superior wrap installations extended seamlessly to these new services. Over the years, our customer base has not only expanded but entrusted us with their most prized possessions. What began as a modest one-garage studio adjacent to our home has now evolved into our state-of-the-art premises, meticulously designed to enhance the customer experience and facilitate our journey towards becoming one of the most sought-after modern car styling and protective film installers in England.

Within our discreet and secure location on a private estate, nestled in the heart of South East England's Essex countryside, we have fortified our commitment to security and customer peace of mind. Our premises are equipped with the latest in security and surveillance systems, and we maintain comprehensive insurance coverage.

At Tailored Wraps, we employ only the world's finest materials in each of our services, whether it's car wraps, paint protection films (PPF), or window tinting films. Our unwavering dedication to delivering the highest standards of fit and finish for your vehicle is underscored by our substantial investments in cutting-edge technology and a continuous process evolution to ensure our customers' complete satisfaction.

With a select team of experienced and licensed film installers and detailing professionals who share our ethos of prioritizing quality over quantity, Tailored Wraps Ltd is dedicated to elevating your car's aesthetic and protective qualities to new heights.

Choose us for your automotive enhancement needs and experience the Tailored Wraps difference – where craftsmanship meets innovation, and your vehicle's potential is realized to the fullest.

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