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Paint Protection Film Service

Tailored wraps, Approved installer of Suntek ,Our Choice is Suntek REACTION the Highest Performance Protective Film solution for your vehicle. backed with a 12 yearManufacturers warranty, outperforming all other manufacturers on the PPF Market. 

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Tailored PPF installs

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Tailored PPF Packages

Below you will find our standard PPF package options please note all packages can be fully customised to your personal preference, All kits can be installed as computer cut or as a bulk style installation, please contact us if you have any questions.   

Important information for new or used vehicle owners:

NEW vehicles under the manufacturer's warranty: Before the application of our Paint Protection, a full inspection and paint correction are performed to address any minor imperfections, sometimes caused during the transport of your new vehicle and the factory protective transport films and covers. Additionally, the vehicle will be washed, and panel gaps will be flushed out with filtered water to ensure a perfect installation of your new PPF film. No panels or trims will be removed, ensuring that all your warranties remain intact. (further when possible we recommend that your new vehicle is transported to us under covered transport to ensure any unfortunate damaged such a stone chip is caused upon its first journey before being protected, if you would like us to organised this for you we are more than happy to help.)   

For USED car owners: If you have decided to purchase a used car and want it restored to a new appearance, and to maintain its optimal look with PPF, this is still achievable. However, to achieve the best results, after the vehicle inspection, we will recommend a slightly different procedure compared to a new vehicle. Similar to our vehicle wrapping service, we will disassemble certain panels and remove specific trims to access and thoroughly clean out all built-up dirt contamination. Your vehicle will then undergo a detailed paint correction in preparation for the installation of your new Paint Protection Film. This ensures a clean and professional installation. If you are concerned about existing warranties on your vehicle, please let us know. We can confirm with your manufacturer whether certain components need to be left assembled. In cases such as supercars or hypercars, a specialized manufacturer technician may need to be involved in this process.

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Windowscreen film protection
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Partail front end PPF
full front end ppf.png
Full front end PPF
track pack ppf.png
Track pack PPF
full car ppf.png
Full car PPF

Our other PPF options

Other ways we can restyle and protect your vehicle include:

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Color Paint Protection Film

Introducing the latest innovation: Color Infused PPF, a breakthrough in the world of color change car design. With this cutting-edge technology, you can transform your vehicle's color while enjoying the added advantage of full self-healing capabilities. We are proud to announce that Tailored Wraps is now an official Flexishield installer, offering you the highest quality and expertise in applying this revolutionary product. .


Satin PPF

Preserve the original color of your vehicle while transforming the paint finish from gloss to satin with our expertly applied clear Paint Protection Film (PPF)

stek ppf carbon fibre

Realistic Carbon Fibre PPF

Elevate your vehicle's aesthetic with distinctive carbon fiber accents or full panels, including options for roofs and bonnets. Our application of ultra-realistic 3D carbon fiber weave Paint Protection Film (PPF) is not only a standout in the market but also offers the unparalleled benefits of self-healing and hydrophobic properties, ensuring the highest quality finish.

Our Paint Protection Film 

New to paint protection film and want to experience its benefits first hand ?

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Free A5 sample installation

Experience and put to the test all of the benefits of our advanced PPF first hand before you invest into your vehicle.  

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