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Vehicle  and Car Vinyl Wrapping - Colour Change

Tailored Wraps have access to a huge selection of the highest quality vinyl’s manufactured across the world. All colours and all finishes including 

Gloss, satin, matt, colour flip, sparkle, textured, mirror chrome, camo, candy, and carbon fibre and many more...

By applying vinyl to your vehicle, we give your car a completely new look while keeping the old one. Unlike spray-jobs, a Vinyl wrap can be removed quickly and easily so you can revert to the original paint finish.

Wrapping is a serious business that why our selection of high end products ensure the same appearance and surface structure like a regular paint finish and the film itself actually shields your car’s paint against stone-chips, abrasions and weathering to preserve your cars future resale value.

Brands include:  Avery Dennison, 3M,  Teckwrap, Hexis, Stek Dynoshield,  Orafol, Inozetek and Llumar,  



Whilst Tailored wraps can and do manufacture and install a wide variety of stripe kits, we are renowned for our superior “Hand laid” Stripes. As hand laid stripe specialists your assured that your stripes fit perfectly to the contours of your vehicle.


Using similar methods to those used by traditional craftsman for spray painting we meticulously measure and lay cutting line's allowing the vinyl to be applied to perfection. This method also negates the need for ugly vinyl joins and gaps that you typically find with precut kits.  


If you can imagine it, we can stripe it!   


Accent  and Partial Wraps

What is also an option is an Accent or Partial Wrap.

By simply changing a few features of your vehicle can deliver dramatic impact to its curb appeal whilst making it personal to you.

For example but not limited to :

  • Roof wraps

  • Mirrors wraps

  • Chrome delete’s

  • Partial vehicle wraps

  • Interior wraps

Brands include:  Avery Dennison, 3M,  Teckwrap, Hexis, Stek Dynoshield,  Orafol, Inozetek and Llumar, 


Full Custom Print


Do you want something more than a standard car wrap, then we can get a custom design specifically made for you.


We will work together with designers and artists and you as our client to deliver something extraordinary and unique to your car.

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