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TECKWRAP – Calendered Films

TeckWrap aim to make their Calendered vinyl films accessible to everyone. Produced primarily in the USA, these films are affordable have fantastic finishes average outdoor life-expectancy of 3 years.

These are perfect for the discerning car enthusiast looking to personalise their vehicle within a given budget. They are also a perfect alternative to cast vinyl’s if you intend to colour change on short term basis or if the vehicle is being wrapped for commercial branding purposes.

Available in a broad range of colours, we offer these high grade Calendered vinyl films in Matte, Satin and Gloss finishes.

Average lifetime Expectancy :  3 years

Tailored Wraps Standard Install warranty :

6 months.

Our TECKWRAP Package Options/Offers :


+6 month Install warranty : £80.

+1 year Install warranty : £120.

20% OFF Tints with full OEM colour Change wraps.


Material Costs shown cover : 

  • 1M Material x Manufacturer log width (May vary).

  • % Supplier Shipping & Material Guarantee.   

  • % Viynl Manufacturer specific Surface prep when applicable.      

Gloss Aluminium:    £25,20

High Gloss :            £22.40 

Super Gloss :          £29.90 

Matte :                  £28,00 

Gloss colour shift :  £33.60 

Matt colour Shift :  £33.60           

 5% OFF Total material cost on 18M+ orders.

Please Note: log Widths vary, certain colours and finishes require a

Directional install both these factors influence M used per vehicle Please contact us directly

if you wish to confirm your Package price.   

All prices Ex VAT.

To View all available colours from Teckwrap please make a viewing appointment with us where we will happily  sit down and discuss all options with you 

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