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Paint protection film is an ultra clear thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film with a high gloss top coating,
a combination that boasts self healing scratch and stone chip protection. and a hydrophobic top coat that prevents rain and other liquids from resting on the vehicle’s paint, potentially causing rust or a loss of luster and brilliance, ultimately enhancing the glossy look of your vehicle and protecting its residual value over a long duration of time.  

  1.  PPF Protects Paint against stone chips, scratches and even scuffs.

  2. PPF is Self healing , in the event of any swirl marks or light scratches occurring on its surface they will simply disappear when heat is applied or vehicle is sat out in the sunny wheather.  

  3.  PPF has a special hydrophobic Layer  this means that Dirt and other contaminates are easily removed from the PPF surface .

  4. PPF adds to the value to your car when selling it.

  5. ​ PPF reduces the risk of needing  expensive smart repairs / Paint jobs.

  6. Paint protection film can be used on multiple surfaces so that not only can your paint be protected but also on other areas such as headlights, glossy trims interior parts and more . 


Window screen protection 

If a single rock cracking your windshield has ever ruined your driving experience until the glass’ replacement, you know the value of FlexiShield Defender (DFR). Made with tough, optically transparent polyethylene terephthalate (PET), this window screen protection film will defend your windshield from anything flung at it at high speeds. Eliminate the inconvenience of needing a new windshield with this high performance protective barrier. 
• TOUGH HARD COAT, polyethylene terephthalate film is impeccably sturdy, providing a solid barrier from flying objects. Embrace highway driving, free of the fear of rocks, gravel, and debris hurtling towards your expensive glass.
• FILM CLARITY, does not have any of the haze or blur that you would traditionally see in paint protection film. Its top coat is designed to be as clear as possible, so the road, and its hazards, are as visible as they would be if the glass wasn’t covered with film.
• ULTRAVIOLET PROTECTION,  doesn’t just protect glass, it protects the driver. By rejecting 99% of ultraviolet light, installing windshield protection film protects the driver from burns and the interior from fading.


Tailored wraps has invested in latest cutting vehicle blueprint software and plotter cutting machinery, this allows us to produced perfectly cut Paint protection film templates in house  that install to mm perfection.


This not only saves you money by minimising material wastage but further protects your vehicle during and installation process, by illiminating the need to cut this particulary strong film and tricky film that comes with high risk trying to cut  on your vehicles painted surface   

 There are endless possibilties when its comes to protecting your vehicle from Partail  or full vehicle cover packages, Down to simple interior sections and door handle cups and door edges.

 To see how we can help you protect your vehicle, Contact us and we will happily discuss all of you options and provide you with a free quote.   

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