Our Pricing strategy 

As a valued client we look to "Tailor" your project to meet your unique needs and desires, with this in mind, we believe that a "One Price Fits All" policy is not necessarily the best approach. 


As well as coming in various colours and textures, vinyl wrap also varies greatly in price per meter - typically the price is  directly related the quality of the vinyl product itself. Vinyl has many applications and differing lifespan to fit each need..


It is important that as our client you understand that quality of  finish directly relates to cost.


Please contact us for your project specific quotation. 


We thought you would appreciate having an insight to our tried and tested wrapping process. We encourage you to understand the level of service and delivery that you should expect from us or our competitors.


Vehicle inspection and Multiple stage wash

  • Vehicle Citrus Wash

  • All wrapped panel Liquid clay iron and Tar Remover

  • Vehicle High Strength Shampoo wash

  • All wrapped panel Clay Bar  

  • Vehicle Shampoo and Dry

  • Vehicle panel inspection,


Any panel due to be wrapped on your vehicle will be checked for any signs of damage or potential areas of finish that may be impacted by wrap application.  If found, these will be discussed.


Vehicle Preparation

  • Parts and Panel removal

In order to achieve the required standard of wrap install, some parts and panels will need to be removed -   mirrors, door handles, lights, badges and panels (i.e. bumpers)


  •  We reinstall parts and panels progressively as the wrap install progresses. 


We fully understand that parts and panel removal may be of a concern, we encourage you to discuss any/all aspects of this stage that concerns you.   Equally, we may also approach you to requests that rare or delicate parts or panels are retained in situ and alternate install approach is agreed.



Panel by Panel - Wrap Install preparation

  • Panel Surface preparation –   Each panels surface and local concealed areas i.e. behind rubber seals, are cleaned using 70% Isopropyl Alcohol and 30% Filtered water mix.


  • Wrap cut line / edge preparation with Knifeless tape:

Knife less tape will be applied around the panel where the vinyl would need to be trimmed.  Knifeless tape is a (revolutionary) cutting line, negates the need to use blades on the vehicle surfaces - This significantly reduces the risk of damaging the vehicle.


  • Second Panel surface preparation 

Panels will be cleaned for a second time with the wrap manufacturers recommended pre-wrap cleaner, this time using disposable lint free clothes – ensuring that the panel is free from dirt and dust contamination. If the vinyl you have chosen doesn’t have a recommended cleaner the panel will be cleaned using the same isopropyl mix but this time using disposable lint free clothes.


Wrap Install

  • Tack cloth wipe down –

Given that the potential for contaminates to affect the wraps visual appearance and longevity, before the vinyl is applied the panel will be wiped down once more with a tack cloth to pick up any minute particles that may have landed on the surface.


  • Your chosen Vinyl is finally applied on a panel by panel basis.


  • Application of Edge sealing tapes and weather proofing tapes

These tapes are applied to edges that we recognised are subject to significant weather or heat exposure during the lifetime of the wrap install - e.g. In the engine bay or lower seal edges


  • Controlled Vinyl Heat Curing

The wrap is then heated as per the wrap manufacturers specifications using a combination of IR heaters and temperature-controlled heat guns.


  • 12-hour Post heat Period.

Our 12-hour post heat period consists of the vehicle staying in our heated wrap studio (with its under floor heating) to keep the vehicles whole surface area temperature above 20 degrees. This allows the vinyl’s adhesive to further bond to the vehicles panel surface. This is commonly overlooked in the wrap industry but is highly recommended and an important stage in our wrap process.


Pre and post handover

  • Vehicle checks and completion

  • Handover and client sign off.

  • Post install checks



We welcome any questions and commit to delivering the very best of customer service,

before, during and after the completion of your wrap project.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us :



07957 693 647 - ask for James (Technical and project progress)

07961 442 109 - ask for Michelle (Accounts and bookings)