Metallised Window Tint

Get impressive climate control with your style statement.

Everyone enjoys a little friendly sunshine at the park, but not on the road when it becomes overbearing and harsh. Fortunately, that problem is easily fixed with metallised window tint. It has a fantastic look, plus added protection against the sun’s most unwelcome side effects,

 such as:

  • untouchably hot surfaces

  • damage from extended exposure, and

  • aircon that just cannot keep up.


You will appreciate the variety of charcoal shades as much as the sun-taming technology of this metallized tint. Its micro-thin layer of advanced metallic technology is what gives it a major upgrade in style and comfort.


This tint film starts with components like colour-stable dye and powerful adhesive. It is manufactured to the strictest standards, doubling up on UV protection and even adding an extra layer for best-in-class scratch resistance.


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