Infrared IRX Tint

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Select infrared-rejecting ceramic tint for deluxe, top-of-the-line features and the best IR-blocking technology.

Drive in cool comfort and connect with ease, thanks to all the features loaded into sophisticated infrared-rejecting ceramic window tint.

The solar control technology in these top-of-the-line window films targets all of the sun’s heat-generating rays: visible light rays, ultraviolet (UV) rays, and infrared (IR) rays. Since all tint has 99% UV protection and your personal style likely decides tint shade, the comfort-driven focus on IR takes this category of tint to the top.

Feel the difference when you compare identical darkness levels of our premium infrared rejecting tint with lower-level film products. You can expect IR-rejecting ceramic tint to deliver in areas beyond heat rejection as well. They’re available in a generous range of color-stable shades and offer excellent electronic connectivity, durable scratch resistance and impressive glare control.

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