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3M™ Wrap Film Series 2080

Whilst 3M needs no introduction, here is our introduction for their innovative 3M™ Wrap Film Series 2080 .


This 3M™ Wrap Film Series 2080 sit at the top of our price range for a very good reason.

In the relentless pursuit of perfection and building on their highly successful -Wrap Film Series 1080, 3M they have introduced the wrap film known as  “Innovation – 3M™ Wrap Film Series 2080”, We highly recommended this Premium cast vinyl.

Why do we rate this vinyl film so highly – 

That’s because - Its Smarter than luxury & its ahead through technology !!

This 2080 vinyl series has a new PFL layer (Protective Film Layer) positioned over the top of the film’s surface. This advanced technology layer stays on the vinyl film through transport and during our installation – thereby giving us, as your Wrap Installer the opportunity to protect the vinyl film through all phases of the wrap install process. By removing this PFL layer post-installation we can present you with an unrivalled, untouched Gloss finish.

Like the Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Films, this 3M™ Wrap Film Series 2080 films are designed specifically for Long Term Removability and great adhesion, meaning that the typical concerns related to adhesive residues and shrinkages have practically been eliminated, giving you great piece of mind when it comes to the long term customisation and protection of your valued vehicle.

This 3M™ Wrap Film Series 2080 also boasts an extended average life expectancy to up to 8 years.

Average Lifetime Expectancy :  6 years

Tailored Wraps standard Install Warranty :

  2 Years 

Our 3M Package Options/Offers :

+1 extra year Install warranty : £180

20% OFF Tints with full OEM colour Change wraps.



Material Costs shown cover : 

  • 1 Meter Material x Manufacturer log width (May vary).

  • % Suppliers Shipping Costs & Material Guarantee.   

  • % Viynl Specific Surface prep when applicable .      

Gloss :                      £33.60 

Gloss Metallic :          £34.60 

Matt :                       £36.00 

Matt Metallic :           £38.00 

Fluorescent :             £33.60                          

Satin :                      £36.00

Satin Metallic :           £38.00

Pearlescent :              £33.60

Flip Colours :              £45.50

Please Note: log Widths vary, certain colours and finishes require a

Directional install both these factors influence M used per vehicle Please contact us directly

if you wish to confirm your Package price.   

All prices Ex VAT.