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Hexis HX20000,

Hexis HX20000 vinyl films are Multi-layered cast films with solvent-based acrylic adhesives.

The process of Multi-Layering Cast vinyl means that at least two layers of cast vinyl, typically one  colour and one clear, are bonded to each other to produce extremmely resistant vinyl that have amazing depth to it’s the finish look and feel of the install. These Multi-layered vinyl films are specifically developed for full vehicle wraps.

A further advantage of  Multi-layered vinyl film is it great resilience to solvents and to most chemicals such as alcohol, petrol, oils, fuels.

Some things to consider if selecting a Hexis Multi-layered vinyl film -

Strong Adhesives : These films tend to have strong adhesives whilst this means they have one of the best adhesion values, (which will protect your wrap from post install shrinkage), the downside is,  that from our experience, films made with strong adhesives have potential for adhesive residue to be left behind when removing the vinyl film from a vehicle. Please note that, chemical \ cleaning techniques may be required to return a vehicle to its original condition.

Multi-layered Cast Vinyl Films : From our experience, after prolonged install periods the layers can separate when being removed from a vehicle, leading to a long removal process in order to return a vehicle to its original condition.

It is for the above consideration why Tailored wraps recommends, That Hexis Multi-layered cast films are used for a 4 year install life cycle.

Life Expectancy :  up to 4 years

Tailored Wraps Standard install warranty :

 1 Year.

Our HEXIS HX20000 Package Options/Offers :


+ year install warranty : £120

20% OFF Tints with full OEM colour Change wraps.


Material Costs shown cover : 

  • 1 Meter Material x Manufacturer log width (May vary).

  • % Suppliers Shipping Costs & Material Guarantee.   

  • % Viynl Specific Surface prep when applicable .      

Gloss Black/White :    £26,00

Gloss :                     £29.90 

Satin :                     £29.90 

Matte :                    £29,90 

Metallic :                  £29.90

Fluorescent :             £33.60                           

Sparkle/Pearl :           £31.05  

Fine Glitter :              £31.05

                                                                                 5% OFF Material Total on 18M+ orders.

Please Note: log Widths vary, certain colours and finishes require a

Directional install both these factors influence M used per vehicle Please contact us directly

if you wish to confirm your Package price.   

All prices Ex VAT.

To View all available colours from HEXIS Please make a viewing appointment with us where we will happily  sit down and discuss all options with you