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Orafol 970ra

ORAFOL’s 970ra are Premium Cast vinyl films as such they are more durable and flexible than Calendered alternatives.

Orafol although using the more expensive “Cast” method of manufacture, have positioned their vinyl films very competitively in the market place, allowing Tailored Wraps to offer a more durable but affordable colour change install on your vehicle.

Orafol 970ra vinyl films have a manufacturers life expectancy of up to 10 years.


Something to consider if selecting a Orafol vinyl film -

These films tend to have strong adhesives whilst this means they have one of the best adhesion values, which makes very durable and very suitable with use on rivets and corrugations.

this however gives the potential to leave some adhesive residue behind when removing the vinyl film from a vehicle.  Please consider that chemical cleaners may need to be used during the removal process ,  

It is for this reason that Tailored wraps recommends this vinyl not be used for more than 5 years.

 Viynl Average Life Expectancy :     7 years

Standard package install warranty :

 1 year

Our ORAFOL Package Options/Offers :

+ 1 year Install warranty : £120

20% OFF Tints with full OEM colour Change wraps.


Material Costs shown cover : 

  • 1 Meter of Material x Manufacturer log width (May vary).

  • % Supplier Shipping & Material Guarantee.   

  • % Viynl Manufacturer specific Surface prep when applicable.      

Gloss :                      £22,40

Matt :                       £22.40 

Gloss Metallic :           £25.20 

Matt Metallic :            £25,20 

Colour shift :              £47.60 


Please Note: log Widths vary, certain colours and finishes may require a

Directional install, These factors will influence Meter's used per vehicle Please contact us directly

if you wish to confirm your total cost.   

All prices Ex VAT.

To View all available colours from Orafol please make a viewing appointment with us where we will happily sit down and discuss all options with you.