Tailored Wraps Premium Vehicle Wrapping Process and Prices 



1. Primary Vehicle wash /Two bucket wash/ Iron out wash / Clay Bar paint decontamination/

2. Vehicle inspection / all damage and paint imperfections will be noted and owner will be notified.


3.Vehicle disassembly / wheel arch liners / Trims / mirrors / door handles / Lights / Bumpers and all other parts deemed necessary  to achieve the highest standard of vehicle wrap colour change are removed and stored safely. 

4.Secondary vehicle wash All areas uncovered areas and disassembled parts are carefully cleaned and decontaminated .

5. Wrap Prep wipe down, using either an in house isopropyl and water mix or wrap manufacturer specific surface pre[p cleaner, all panels are given a final clean and degrease 

6. Wrap Installation / All OEM panels are now wrapped in your chosen colour. using the latest safe install  techniques / post heated to the manufacturers guidelines.

finish. Vehicle Reassembly and final checks are carried out.




The Following OEM Vehicle specific prices cover :

  • Vehicle Specific auxillary charges /Disposable and Environmental

  • Full Vehicle prep (Disassembly & Reassembly, Cleaning).

  • Qualified Avery Dennison Level 2 Installer to carry out full install.


Please Note :


  • The following prices do not include the material. Please find all manufactured info and price per Meter Below , the Average full vehicle wrap use 18M of Vinyl.  


  • The following prices are not for Chrome, Printed graphics and other specialist finish installs such as brushed Metal due to a greater variant in costs for these finishes, Please contact us directly for a personalised quote , All other manufacturers standard wrap colours in Gloss Matte and Satin are covered in the following price scheme.    

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Tailored wraps install prices 09022021.p

Premium Grade Vehicle Vinyl Gloss/Matt/Satin Prices

3M WEB Package.png

3M 2080 from £33 pm

Avery Dennison WEB Package.png

AVERY SWF from £33 pm

hexis PACKAGE.png

HEXIS from £26 pm

Teckwrap web packages.png

TECKWRAP from £22 pm

Oracle Web Package.png

ORAFOL from £22 pm

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