Clear Window Tint

Take cover from the sun, without going darker in shade.

If you are happy with the look of your car windows but demand a higher level of performance, then clear window tint is for you.

Clear window tint upgrades manufacturers glass in your vehicle, by increasing UV protection, comfort without window darkening. This clear tint is compatible with factory glass of all shades.


Did you know that a driver’s body is more at risk for exposure to damaging UV rays that accelerate the aging process and can increase your risk of skin cancer? The same UV rays that can cause wrinkles on your skin can also fade and crack your car’s upholstery. So, whether you are interested in pure and simple 99 percent UV protection or you are looking for a full-featured ceramic film that delivers UV blocking power plus serious comfort enhancements, this clear tint has got you covered.

All clear window films are barely detectable in appearance, deliver powerful protection against harmful UV rays, and have impressive durability and scratch protection.

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