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Antimicrobial Protection Film


Support the well being of your staff and visitors

We are installers of Antimicrobial Protection Film, these films add a further layer of antimicrobial protection film to your premises and are therefore active between cleaning protocols - 24/7.  Used on surfaces in all areas that require a high degree of hygiene.

As a Service Provider, by installing this Antimicrobial Film  you are....


  • Reinforcing your determination to raise a barrier to COVID-19 and Bacteria infection.

  • Providing 24 hour protection against Coronavirus and  Bacteria, thanks to the constant action of this products antibacterial agent  that hinders their proliferation.

  • Strengthening your image with a labelled visual communication that informs your staff and clients that, surfaces within your premises are protected by Coronavirus beating, antimicrobial technology.

What are  Antimicrobial FIlms ?

Antimicrobial Protection Films are technically sophisticated and high-quality film that provides effective and long-lasting protection against CORONAVIRUS and BACTERIA for your public spaces, buildings and public transportation.

The antimicrobial film is certified according to the ISO21702 - CORONAVIRUSES and ISO 221196  (BACTERIA).

Combating Coronaviruses, 95% within 15 minutes and 99.87% in 60 minutes 

Combats 99.99% bacteria

in accordance with ISO 22196, inclusive of :
• Salmonella
• Listeria
• Straphylococcus
• Escherichia
• P.aeruginose


It can be applied under most circumstances and in all locations with high hygiene requirements, such as hospitals, hospitality venues, business premises, showrooms…


Our Antimicrobial films contain silver-ions, that are activated on their superficial layer, when in contact with moisture (such as the humidity of skin contact).


The films reactive ions may quickly block the metabolism of Coronaviruses and Bacteria and thus prevent their proliferation between two cleaning and disinfection protocols.

Antimicrobial films are an appropriate and reliable solution which meets hygiene and safety requirements 24/7.

Benefits of a antimicrobial protection film Installation:

  • Inhibits the development of 99.87% of Coronaviruses and 99.99% of the bacteria germs 

  • Protects 24h a day, 7 days a week, and thus between cleans

  • Protects inaccessible areas

  • Active for up to 5 years

  • Perfectly ecological

  • No nanoparticles

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